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Tabitha Kievit

from Dakar , Senegal

Tabitha Kievit enrolled in a Gender, Rights and Health course in 2013

E-learning is a good opportunity to do part of the MIH on a distance.


My name is Tabitha Kieviet, 32 years old, I work as tropical doctor in Dakar, Senegal in a mission health post where I currently start up a prenatal service.

Elevate’s e-learning courses

E-learning is a good opportunity to do part of the MIH on a distance. I plan to stay in Senegal for a long term and the university here is not yet in the network. Sometimes you miss the interaction that you have in a normal course, but fortunately a lot of virtual interaction is possible within the learning environment.

The course ‘Gender, Rights and Health’

The Course ‘Gender, Rights and Health’ helps to reflect on gender and policy making on large and small scale. It is my first advanced course so hard to compare but I would recommend it in a MIH program. For me this was a great opportunity to learn more about health care and health policy in Senegal, where I work since 7 months now. This has been very useful in seeing my practical health care work in a broader perspective. As I get more and more contact with Senegalese colleagues I now have something to say about strengths and weaknesses of Senegal health policy, especially from gender perspective. This already gave an interesting discussion with the Senegalese minister of health who I recently met.

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