EU Grant Applications

EU Grant Applications

Your Academic Partner for EU Grant Applications

Winning EU Grant Applications

For many people, applying for a grant is a perplexing process. You may have the feeling that those who are successful and receive grants are the “lucky few” or have “inside connections.” Grant applications do not have to be daunting or confusing. In most cases, grants and funding are awarded based on a careful review process with criteria that everyone has access to. Working with Elevate can give you the cutting edge for your proposal by including an online or blended education component in your EU grant application. By adding innovative education and using an inter-disciplinary approach, Elevate will ensure that your research application will stand out from the rest and generate real impact.

How Elevate improves your chances for a successful EU Grant Application

As your e-learning education partner, Elevate offers an online platform (Virtual Learning Environment) for accredited, university level courses and programs in partnership with Utrecht University (ranked #1 in The Netherlands) and other renowned content partners. Our portfolio includes courses ranging from Writing Successful Grant Proposals to  Effective Conference Poster Presentation and Presenting Your Research Confidently. Including a single course or a combination of thematic studies in your application could significantly increase the probability of its acceptance – demonstrating to the academic community that you are at the forefront of new and innovative educational methods.


The expertise Elevate brings to your EU Grant Application

Our in-house team of course developers are experts in e-learning. We have a strong and sound online teaching philosophy and practice. We will work with you to design an online or blended educational component that supports the goals of your EU grant application.

Our expertise

  • Develop tailor-made training and education solutions
  • Provide an existing library of transferrable skills courses
  • Implement innovative methods in learning and knowledge sharing
  • Create learning goals and objectives for a project or course
  • Design and develop accredited, university-level online medical courses for policymakers and non-academic professionals
  • Publicize research results using proven innovative methods
  • Facilitate online tools, websites, network areas, survey software and online learning platforms for course materials


Our experience working with EU Grant Applications
Elevate participates in several successful EU grant-funded projects. Examples of projects in which Elevate advised and provided academic content for the grant application include: Horizon2020, Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and Erasmus+.

H2020:ITN Polarnet
Elevate contribution: online courses on digital pictures and effective poster presentations for all Polarnet PhD students. Participants enrolled in the PolarNet network will be equipped with transferable skills relevant to life-science research through courses on advanced technology, intellectual property rights, scientific writing and presenting.

IMI: Get Real
Elevate contribution: on online course on Real Life Data in Drug Development for researchers and healthcare decision makers. The course will address challenges in the drug development process, creating a shared understanding of relative effectiveness concepts, and the implication of real life data on those. Aim of the course is to give participants a basic understanding on how these concepts can be applied in different stages of the drug development process

Erasmus Plus: C-COMEND
Elevate contribution: two Competency-based courses (blended and online) on Translational Research and Medicines Development for over 200 PhDs and Post-docs. As a full partner Elevate contributes both online didactical expertise and a platform as well as the expertise of its partner EUREKA Institute.

Erasmus Plus GROWTH
“Blended entrepreneurial education for high growth in Life Sciences and Health”
Elevate contribution: Elevate’s Virtual Learning Environment will be used for the development of online education. The  programme  is  characterized  by  interactive  and  action  oriented  teaching  and  learning  and  will consist of four educational building blocks (combining online and face-to-face learning). Elevate develops four online modules (SPOCs) as a part of the programme.


Elevate offers a 4-week Writing a Successful Grant Proposal online interactive course that helps researchers to optimally convey their research idea to funding agencies and reviewers, maximizing their chances for success. This is an excellend course for anyone who has never written a grant proposal or who wants to improve their proposal writing skills.

Are you convinced that Elevate can help provide the additional edge your application needs by including online education in your EU grant proposal? Contact us and let’s explore how a partnership with our e-learning experts can lead to a successful and more importantly, funded project.

For more information or to arrange a meeting, contact:

Eva van Ingen, Product Manager
P: +31 (0) 30 253 7250