How to moderate your online course

How to moderate your online course

The world of online education is growing at an astonishingly rapid pace, making it crucial for educators to stay at the forefront of developments. With so many different ways of working and possibilities available, it is hard to keep track of all possible online methods and how to use them to optimal effect.

We believe that e-moderators are part of the new generation of instructors, working online to guide the learner through all these new possibilities, creating a successful and great learning environment.

How to moderate your online course is an excellent course for anyone who wants to learn the skills needed to be a great e-moderator. During the course you will become familiar with various aspects of e-moderation, such as online socialization, e-moderating techniques (for example summarizing and weaving), how to support novices and how to promote active participation. This course will provide you with an introduction to the field of e-moderation, teach you the basic e-moderating skills, and give you guidance on how to keep developing yourself as an e-moderator. In addition, this is a hands-on course, meaning that after a short introduction on the theory, you will directly get the chance to apply your knowledge. During this course, we will challenge you to rise to the occasion and step into the shoes of the e-moderator yourself.

If you are interested in learning more about the educational principles underlying this course, your e-moderator will be happy to teach you more about these principles.

The flexibility of our course
We highly value the flexibility of our courses. This course is flexible in two ways. It’s flexible in both the content of the course, letting your choose your own learning mix, and flexible in when you’d like to spent your time on this course.

Flexibility: choosing your own learning mix
In order to meet your needs, you are free to choose your own learning mix.

Flexibility: no specific time and place
During this course, there is no requirement for attendance at a specific location at any stage of the course. The course discussion forums are open 24 hours per day, enabling you to access them whenever you wish during the course period. The course materials are also available 24/7. There are no fixed times for interaction; all communication will be asynchronous. However, during our course several group assignments do have strict deadlines. We also have a deadline at the start of every new week. So please bear in mind that you will need to set aside 3,5 hours per week for this course. It is though completely up to you (in consultation with your group members) when you spent these 3,5 hours during each week.

Please note: You may be eligible for a discount on this course if you aim to moderate an Elevate Health course. To confirm your eligibility for a discount, please contact us via

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