Effective Doctor-Patient Communication in Dutch

Communicating effectively in a second language needs more than the right words. When you, as a doctor or dentist, speak to a patient, it’s not just about the meaning of the words themselves. Rather, you need to understand what someone says and hears. You must understand the cultural context, and be aware of how a patient may draw conclusions from what you say. This course will prepare you for doctor-patient communication in Dutch.

This online medical course has been developed in cooperation with Elevate Health and is intended for those working in healthcare. You can use the Effective Doctor-Patient Communication course to prepare for the AKV exam or for the Dutch Language Test. You may also follow the course if you are no longer preparing for an exam but wish to improve your communication skills with patients.

The course lasts for 5 weeks (12 hours a week) but is available online for 15 weeks. During this 15-week period, you may start the course whenever you wish and you can progress through the course at your own pace. You can follow the course wherever and whenever suits you best. If you have a medical education and you are working in the medical or dental field and new to working with Dutch patients or preparing for an AKV (Algemene Kennis en Vaardigheden) exam this course will teach you to;

  • Take your current communication skills and apply them in Dutch
  • Know how to prepare a conversation with Dutch patients
  • Use the right words and idiomatic expressions for the situation
  • Probe correctly for a case history
  • How to respond to not understanding and misunderstandings
  • Write clear patient notes
  • Know how to explain complex treatments simply
  • Read verbal signals and body language from Dutch patients
  • Show empathy and be able to reassure a patient
  • Practice what you need to say without it being a life or death situation


The course expert for “Effective Doctor-Patient Communication in Dutch” is Maud Beersmans. With 15 years experience developing and giving online medical courses Maud Beersmans brings to this course an enormous attention to detail and for every student in her class.

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