Concepts of Veterinary Epidemiology

This online course, (part 1 of the advanced course Veterinary Epidemiology) is highly suitable for veterinary researchers who want to understand the concepts of epidemiology. The course will be taught by epidemiologists from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and is part of the MSc Epidemiology program of UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University.

Introduction to the basic principles of Veterinary Epidemiology
This 6-week course is the first part of the 12-weeks course ‘Veterinary Epidemiology’. The aim of the course is to make you familiar with the most important concepts of veterinary epidemiology. In every learning unit, a specific veterinary epidemiology topic will be discussed, illustrated and combined with practical individual and group assignments and basic computer practicals, for an interactive learning experience.

For this part of the course, accreditation has been requested at the Dutch Royal Veterinary Association (KNMvD, GGP).

If you are also interested in more in depth data analysis for veterinary epidemiology using ‘R’, you are invited to enroll in one of our other online medical courses: Veterinary Epidemiology.

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